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Ken R.:

"From a photo stamped 1925, lovely Mary Belle Wall of Miami Beach made a beautiful picture as
the aptly named 'Crinoline Girl' at a recent costume ball at the Flamingo Gardens. 
A United
photo.  I noticed the number on top of the caption, 13225. It could stand for the
date Feb 13, 1925. This would make sense since the
NEA ref dept stamp shows March 7, 1925."


Sylvia Marie provided these pictures of typical Era underpinnings (not to say they were not evident later as well.
Generally used under strapless gowns,
these bras & 'Merry Widows' were much in evidence


Era photos like this were almost always 'adjusted' to show
a very small waist, in order to contrast with a very large skirt. 
Certainly delightful...

From John N.


From an Era magazine



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