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Can anyone identify the above (left) starlet?







Pertinent copyrighted image on the
site of an excellent corset maker,

Lace Embrace Atelier


Here is a site with some nice images and offerings, on this page.



This rather unclear image came our way under mysterious conditions,
but they are certainly worth posting.
If anyone is aware of its
provenance or has any information about this lady, it would be
appreciated if you
shared it with all of us. Nothing on Eve Thorne found.


Does anyone know who this gal is?




"Here is my latest creation!!! I just love it!! This is a 10" long micro-mini petti in baby blue, with
white ruffling at the bottom. This one was so fun to make and my customers already love
it!! Wow, what a shorty! Some people are just brave enough to wear this :)"
ED: Looks perfect for a maids uniform!

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