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A UK visitor writes that the above is not a carousel, but a galloper.  She says, "A galloper goes clockwise and a carousel goes anti-clockwise, plus has other rides than horses."

We Yanks don't normally have 'gallopers' (separate horses); the horses are a generally only part of a carousel and that, as noted, goes counterclockwise.  We think that
MIGHT be a UK thing.  But THIS picture is certainly a "galloper", since it goes clockwise.


(above) Fun at Coney Island

(above right) Pigalle Club showgirls at Battersea Festival Gardens, 1959

Carnival tutus in the thirties







About the above, Lacie writes:

"Back in the late 50's & 60's at several amusement parks, e.g., Riverview Park in Chicago Illinois, in the Aladdin's Castle Funhouse there was a maze for everyone to walk through and, in several locations, there were small holes in the floor that shot up high pressured air that were operated by park attendants that could not be seen. They would wait for girls with dresses & petticoats to come to the exact spot over the air holes and they would hit the button to cause the dresses to fly up!

There was even one spot that could be viewed from the outside by the fence that we would gather and wait for the treat! It was wonderful!" 
(ED: We should have applied for that job!  If that happened nowadays, the Femmi-Nazis" would have closed down the park!)



Micael Z. sends us a video of the above fun, apparently at an Oktoberfest in France...



R.M. kindly has provided
this nice  memory from th
Brighton Funfare (UK) in 1958
(note the floral print petti!)









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