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A classy Saramae offered in October 2007
Saramae was an example of high-end petticoats in the 50s

Worthy of ANYPoufie's collection!


Kristi: "Oh! I like this one… 

...eBay: clothing, costumes and, reenactment attire, civil war -  Moda Isabella

$169 plus shipping gets you any size, any sleeve  length.  Two piece, most colors. 
 I’m sure you could get custom fabric if you asked (and paid) for it."  (2008) - probably more expensive now


We rarely post an eBay offering, but, once in a while, something comes up that strikes us as very special.  In this case, Crinolyn pointed out a petticoat that is very unique - the kind lost to history.  As they say, 'they don't make 'em like that any more!'  Sad to think that they probably never will again...   <sigh>



John N. sends these images from 2008 eBay auctions - the petticoats, which were the sale items, are not special, but the outfits are interesting.




Nice crowded crinie-push against the skirt!

...from Karl K.



Classy display

This Etsy offering is certainly a cut above!

Reminiscent of a coat frock

From Jennifer H.


Michelle:"Here are a couple of pictures from An eBay seller who has
a few full skirt dresses, obviously worn by their model with a
petticoat; they have some of her in a eighties prom dress.
"Not sure what the girl thinks, it seems she has this expression,
'Do I have to keep wearing these stupid dresses?' Maybe they
 should hire a T-girl, who could probably model the outfits better."

Tessy: But she IS cute!


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