A classy Saramae offered in October 2007

Saramae was an example of high-end petticoats in the 50s

Worthy of ANYPoufie's collection!


Below can be varyingly enlarged




"Oh! I like this one… 

...eBay: clothing, costumes and, reenactment attire, civil war -  Moda Isabella

$169 plus shipping gets you any size, any sleeve  length.  Two piece, most colors.  I’m sure you could get custom fabric if you asked (and paid) for it."  (2008)





Tessy rarely posts an eBay offering, but, once in a while, something comes up that strikes her as very special.  In this case, Crinolyn pointed out a petticoat that is very unique - the kind lost to history.  As they say, 'they don't make 'em like that any more!'  Sad to think that they probably never will again...   <sigh>

(left) 2007   (center)  50s Travel Fold Flat Crinoline [2007]

(above)  Enlargeable



John N. sends these images from 2008 eBay auctions - the petticoats, which were the sale items, are not special, but the outfits are interesting.





Nice crowded crinie-push against the skirt!

...from Karl K.









"Here are a couple of pictures from An eBay seller who has
a few full skirt dresses, obviously worn by their model with a petticoat; they have some of her in a eighties prom dress.

"Not sure what the girl thinks, it seems she has this expression, 'Do I have to keep wearing these stupid
dresses?' Maybe they should hire a T-girl, who could probably model the outfits better."

Tessy: But she IS cute!


(above five)  2008

(above) 2009

(above) Enlargeable


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