Lori -spanked and pantied


I was ten when my mother caught me cussing at my sister and calling her a sissy, and I had lifted her skirt and smacked her butt. I was taken into the house and my mother scolded me and told me to undress. When she returned to the room she had a stack of my sister's clothes. Holding up a pair of silk panties, she asked me what kind of boy would wear these

I said, "A sissy boy."

She handed them to me and told me to put them on. I was shocked and begged her not to make me put them on, but to no avail. I put them on and then she held up a petticoat and ask what a little boy would be who would wear it.

I again said, "A sissy boy."

She held it out to me. When she was done I was wearing my sister's party dress and everything that went with it. She then took my hand and led me to the front yard, where my sister and her friends were playing. I pulled back and she pulled me out to the yard and told the girls to gather around and meet Sissy. They all laughed as my mother told them that they could check out my whole outfit; one girl lifted my dress and pointed at the panties and told everyone to look. I cried - my mother told me to shut up or else. I did not stop, so she pulled me over her lap and pulled up the skirt and the pulled down the panties and spanked me hard, making me cry the more. When I got off her lap I saw that two of my friends had stopped by to see if I wanted to play ball. Needless to say I was called Sissy by all my friends thoughout school.

I went off to college and to this day I still wear panties everyday. I cannot think of ever getting married because I might have to stop wearing them.

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