CHARLIE'S GIRL (Posted in 2009)


Two interesting emails from 'Charlie's Girl,' a GG:

#1  "I am a 40 year old single lady and work as a team organiser in an office of eight young men aged between twenty and the early thirties. I have always been looked upon as being old fashioned and frumpy by the office men. For the office I always wore skirts or dresses that came to just below my knee with a silky half slip for comfort and modesty. Three weeks ago I was issued with uniform dress, and how this has changed my image! The uniform is knee length, so a little shorter and is quite see-through. So I decided to wear two half slips under it, my silky one for comfort, with a dark half slip over this to stop it being see through. The first day I wore the uniform I pulled the slips well up on my waist and checked in the mirror, and all was well. I started to notice after a few days the lads getting friendly and talking to me. One evening two weeks ago, I worked late with just one of the lads in his late twenties and he asked if
I would like to join him for a drink when we finished. I was amazed, and said yes.  Just before we left, he started to get quite unsettled and suddenly blurted out, "Charlie is dead."  I asked who is Charlie, as the lady in the mail room has told me a few times that Charlie was dead and I didn't know anyone named Charlie.  He then blushed and explained that it meant my slips were showing at the back, about two inches of navy blue lace with an inch of white below that.  I thanked him, and shot into the ladies to pull them up.  In the pub he told me that the lads got excited by my slips showing from a little lace mid-morning to at least an inch or more by mid-afternoon, and guessed each day to what colours I would be wearing. I was quite upset by this and told him the game was over and
 in future I would wear a full slip so that it didn't show.  The next day I put on the only full slip, I own which I find terribly uncomfortable to wear, and shock, horror when I checked in the mirror it showed a good two inches all round.  So I hastily took it off and got dressed again with my brown and lemon slips;  when I got to the office every one said 'spoil sport' because they thought I had a full slip on. At mid-day when I stood at the fax machine smiles came to their faces, as they saw a little brown lace. So as not to be known as the office frump, I visit the ladies room to keep my slips pulled up and hopefully just let them have no more than an inch of lace to see. This chain of events has really changed the social scene for me. I just hope no one thinks I am slutty for showing my slips.  So ladies, keep wearing those half slips."

#2  "Of course you can post my email - perhaps someone may have experienced this problem under a very straight dress and have some answers. Well  I seem to have got things under control by pulling my slips back up on my waist when I visit the ladies room; I am told by new-found male friends that I only give them an half inch or so show of lace now, but it's better than nothing.  That was until yesterday: Again, I was working late with the same young man as previous and wore
a cream silk half slip with a black half slip over the top. Before leaving home in the morning I noticed I already had a contrasting little display of cream and black on show, so pulled them well up on my waist, checked in the mirror and all was well. At lunchtime, the lads asked me what time the display would start, as they had not seen a glimpse of lace. Late afternoon, I visited the ladies room and still all was in order and noticed that the ladies room would be closed after five o'clock for maintenance. All the other lads left the office around five, and one or two remarks were made that I was a spoil sport for not having my slips on show (Why do slips showing excite men?). The next two hours we spent filing and sorting out the various cupboards, a lot of bending, reaching up, sitting and standing. When the time came to go home, I stood looking out of the window waiting for assistant, when I noticed, to my horror, that I must have had a good three inches of black lace on show, plus a little bit of cream below that. No ladies room available without crossing to the main building, so I desperately tried to pull the slips up from the outside of my straight uniform. Have you ever tried it?  Impossible task. But my shy assistant politely asked if I was aware of the situation and said he was popping out to get some sweets - this then gave me the chance two pull my slips up.  When he returned, he cheekily said, "I see we are ready now." This time we had a laugh about it in pub and he promised not to tell his fellow slip admirers. Do you think it's because I wear two slips this happens or is it the constant standing and sitting? I don't care to much about half an inch or so on show, but I think three inches is a bit slutty and am concerned about my appearance. Whilst I am enjoying my glamour girl status I don't want things to go too far, and keep thinking that maybe I should shorten my full slip so that it does not hang down and try and get use to wearing it; no way then will lace keep hanging down. Maybe this is the sensible thing to do. But will my new found teenage years be lost and is that being miserable?  I will keep you posted."

Ed:  We think we know the answer to that!


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