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Hi! my name is Jessica! These photos are from one of my recent photosets called "In the Pink".

I've always love petticoats! I remember when I was a kid I asked my mother if she had any from when she was a teenager and sadly she didn't. I would watch old western movies where there might be a glimpse of a can-can dancer or saloon girl. Just in hopes of seeing their colorful petticoats and corsets (another love of mine). That being said, it's hardly surprising that Moulin Rouge is my favorite movie! The costumes were to die for!!

I enjoy viewing the photos of other "pouf-bunnies" on the Pettipond site. Everyone always looks so happy! But that's hardly surprising, petticoats are just so much FUN!

I only have a few petticoats but I'm buying more. The 1950's is my favorite era when it comes to women's lingerie. Not only was the lingerie very feminine but the silhouette of the time (Dior "New Look") put an emphasis on curves and an hourglass shape.

In addition to petticoats, I collect other vintage lingerie items. Mostly slips, nightgowns, robes and peignoir sets.

Feel free to drop me at line at: Mistress--[email protected]

Take care! ;)


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Jessica has made available a cool little video to The Pond

"I did a special video for Moriarty's Skirts Up page and I just so happen to be wearing a petticoat at the time. 
Perhaps you would like to post the link on your updates page..."

Her Yellow Set


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