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(below) A bit enlargeable

  Pandora's new dress, and a 'hello' Enlargeable       





Below enlargeable        We love those pleats and pettis!  




(below) "Windy day" sequence - Enlargeable  


(Above & below enlargeable)




 Guess these fit into two other categories as well: 
Cars and Pleats







Pandora's new coat (2011)





(below two tiers) Darling Pandora sends some enlargeable pictures of her and her new (2012) red petticoats!
We treasure the GGs that love petticoats!  Send her some encouragement!  That she seems to favor pleats with her pettis is the icing on the cake!


Tessy especially likes the one worn with the pleated skirt!



(below) Pandora in her new (2012) vintage dress: (Enlargeable)


(above) 2011


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