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(Most of us might agree, she is lost in the Fifties!)

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A True Lady in the style of June Allyson and all her crinolined sisters!

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When I met my husband three years ago, he could not believe the way I dress. It grew on him in a hurry. I get so many compliments on my pretty dresses. So many women.....and a whole lot of men..... tell me how much they wish this look would come back. Any chance of that happening? Some women say they wish they had the nerve to dress this way. If they did it once, they would always do it. It took a little while to get used to the stares when I entered a room, but now it is fun. The people at our favorite dance place say they wonder what I will wear in next!

Are there any other women out there who dress this way? If so, let me tell you what my husband does for me when i am in my mode of 50's style:

1. He does all the cooking

2. ...all the laundry

3. ...all the house cleaning

4. ...all the grocery shopping

5. AND irons all my pretty dresses!

What more can I say? HE thinks he has it made! I am the lucky one, since I LIKE to dress like this and do not like any of the chores listed above. I grew up in the Ozarks of Missouri in the late 50's and was lucky to have one petticoat. Now I have all colors and lengths to go with my vast wardrobe of dresses. My husband has very little closet space!!! I would like to chat with other WOMEN who like to dress this way.

Oh! One more thing: My birthday is next week, and I will send a picture of my dynamite drop dead dress that I had made for me!

you can sign me ...lost in the 50's.

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