Sugarbarre's Modess advertisement pictures page

Sugarbarre is a Pond correspondent and, as such, has sent a few Boufhunnie pictures of herself and other admirers of The Bouffant. 

This very special lady is a devotee of The Feminine in all its aspects and, of course, that includes our favorite article(s) of clothing and The Look engendered by such.  Sugarbarre is one of those are rare women who understands what such clothing, worn appropriately, can do to a man, and most certainly comprehends why many Poufies have a desire to share in their fluffiness by wearing them as well.

In line with that, she welcomes email at [email protected]

Her Flickr site: a very feminine mode (mood)...

"Part of a modeling session at a Mexican tile fountain in old park from a world's fair,
in San Diego."

"This is translucent and loose....ruffles at wrists and bust and bottom, and long petticoat"


...AND AT 14! 

She made the above left dress herself!  (All enlargeable)

(above left) Mexican wedding gown-petticoats up

(above) Cancan-attired in a spoof role as Lilly Marlene








Sugarbarre celebrates her 15th birthday in Hawaii, in The Era
Amazing how much older girls looked in their teens during The Era!


Hawaiian cruise ship

Sugarbarre's mom personally knew many of the celebrities of her time (The Era, as we call it here on The Pond) - here she is with Christine Jorgenson

No one could fault either of their gams (or Sugarbarre's, for that matter)!


(Of course, permission from Sugarbarre has been granted to post this photo)




                    Nice close-up in B&W



Beverly Claire

A talented trained tap and ballet dancer at Sugarbarre's mother's
nightclub in Hawaii back in The Era (here at 18).




Sugarbarre has sent this graphically-stylized rendition of herself in luscious lace.



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