The Blue Angel

Short story by Ed N., 2018



I arrived at Melanie's place a little later than the agreed time. Soaking wet from the rain, I realized it really wasn't practical to go anywhere. But we had arranged this several weeks in advance, so it seemed like it should at least try as planned. The storm took the area by surprise, but these little spring storms can move quickly, so maybe it would calm down a bit or even break completely long enough to get there and back. I didn't think much about it when a car pulled away and left as I approached the door. As I knocked on the door, I realized it wasn't latched and it swung open on its own. Melanie was sitting on the couch in a beautiful light blue knee-length chiffon dress, looking out the window. She turned to me and invited me to come on in and explained that her roommate had just left. She appeared a little hesitant about leaving and suggested we wait a bit to see if the rain would subside. She said her dress could easily be ruined if it got too wet. And it certainly was too wet outside. But maybe in 30 minutes... we'd wait and see. We might miss some of the party, but nobody really pays attention to when so-and-so gets there or leaves. And with the weather, I'm sure others would have travel problems too.

She got up from the couch and she looked like a majestic blue angel in that dress. It had just enough pouf to it to be exciting without being overly aggressive-looking. She'd prepared for the evening with a nice conservative make-up treatment, and I could smell a light soft scent of a perfume that was particularly exciting. She recognized that I was pretty wet and offered to help me out with a hair dryer. I wasn't sure just what she had in mind, but the idea of warm air sounded good, so I agreed. I gave her my shirt. Then she realize how wet it really was, and suggested the clothes dryer might be a better option. But that wasn't the only thing that was wet. When she returned, she brought a pair of sweat pants and suggested I put those on and she would put my other stuff in the dryer too, estimating it would only take twenty minutes or so to dry everything. That all seems like a good idea as far as getting dried out, but she was still all dressed up and pretty and the weather hadn't improved. After a glance out the window to confirm that scenario, she suggested maybe we should just hang out and enjoy a TV movie. I had no problem selling myself on that idea.

She picked out some girlie movie that I had no interest in at all. But I was sure I could keep myself distracted by just looking at her. The sweats were beginning to prove to be a great idea. They didn't show how exciting I was becoming at the prospect of spending the evening on her couch with her. As she moved around the room, I had become aware of the soft swishing sound her dress made as she walked. The dress had a satin lining under the chiffon outer skirt, but it seemed to be more than that. The pouf I had noticed seemed to be from whatever she had on under the dress. It had to be a separate petticoat, but thus far I had seen no direct confirmation that she had any such thing on. Still - that swish was just too much for a single layer of satin.

The movie started and she dimmed the room light. As she fiddled with the video controller, she gestured for me to go sit on the couch. I did so, and she arrived a few moments later. As she sat down, her blue dress skirt spread across my lap. She apologized and started to gather it back. I immediately stopped her by grasping her wrist and assuring her that it was fine and that I thought it was pretty. As my hand came to rest on her skirt, it rustled just a bit and I felt a bit of springiness from what had to be nylon netting under her dress. I swished it just a bit and commented that it was fun to hear that. She seemed pleased that I liked frilly girl stuff like that, and swished it some more for me. I asked her what it was that made that sound. She pulled her dress skirt back to show me a nice pretty petticoat of white nylon organza. She didn't seem to care that I could see her bare thigh through the mesh. I gripped some of the organza mesh and worked it around in my fingers. It made a mild swishy sound and had a light crunchy feel. She said she loved that material because it wasn't too scratchy on her legs. She obviously was OK with this, so I grasped a bigger wad of organza with both hands and played with it.

She said "You really like that"?

I immediately said "Yeah, that's great, I love it."

She said "I have another one; I could put that one on too if you'd like that".

"Absolutely", I replied.

She got up off the couch and went to the bedroom, going over to her closet door. I couldn't see her directly, but I could see her reflection in a full-length mirror that was on the wall. She pulled out another petticoat and I could clearly see her in the mirror as she opened it up and stepped into it. As she pulled it up to her waist, the other petticoat and the blue dress were lifted to allow for proper adjustment. She fluffed it all out as she checked herself in the mirror. Then she returned to the living room - casually swishing her way across the room toward me. She didn't sit down, she just stood in front of me. She lifted the skirt and showed me that she had on both petticoats. They were almost identical. While she had her skirts up a bit, I reached around her and pulled her closer to me, crunching her skirt and petticoats into my face. I detected a nice fresh smell of new nylon fabric. I just held her that way for a while. She sensed that this was somehow a special thing for me, so she made a move to heighten the experience. She reached down and, putting both hands under her petticoats, lifted up all of it and wrapped my face with it. I couldn't let this go unrecognized, so I reached up the back side of petticoat and began to stroke the back of her legs. Eventually, I could feel of the slick smooth nylon of her panties was unbelievably exciting, especially while she rubbed her skirts in my face.

This went on for a few minutes, but I was sensing she was getting tired of standing. We gently pulled away from each other and she sat down on the couch. The movie was going totally unnoticed by now. As she sat down, I turned so as to face her. We settled with my head on her lap on top of her skirts. She moved slightly now and then and I could sense the mild crunchy texture of her skirts and the breathe in the sweet perfume she was wearing. I was totally engrossed in enjoying having my face in her skirts while enjoying that special 'pillow' of nylon layers.

I must have gone to sleep. As I woke up about an hour later, I realized my vision was blurred by a blue haze. I was aware that my head was still on her lap, but wasn't sure what I was looking at. As I woke further I realized my head was actually on her bare legs and her petticoats and dress were covering me. I was looking through her petticoats from the inside, causing the 'blue hazy' look. I guessed that somehow we had wiggled around and she'd completely covered me with her skirts. I reached up and pulled her petticoats into my face again as she began to move around a bit. I pulled away reluctantly, and saw her soft angel face looking at me from above.

I worked my way around to a sitting position as she got up. Her dress skirt and the petticoats were all bunched up and in total disarray. Without taking time to straighten out her dress, just left everything all messed up while she made her way around to stand in front of me as she had earlier. I was still a daze, but not so much that I couldn't enjoy hearing her petticoats swish against that satin skirt as she moved. When she was positioned as before in front of me, she repeated what she'd done earlier - she reached down with her hands, lifted her skirts and wrapped them around my face. I followed as before, running my hands up the back of her legs while I pulled her closer to me. It was just as magnificently exciting as before. But I discovered one major surprise. As my hands got higher and higher, I realized her panties weren't there this time. As I moved back I was just a bit in surprise, becoming aware of her red nylon panties on the floor next to the couch.

She said "Maybe I should go get your clothes - it's getting late." I agreed that would be a good idea. She left and returned with my dry clothes. She never took time to straighten out her petticoats, leaving them all bunched up and in disarray. It was exciting to see her walk that way and heard that swishing sound, which was a bit more obvious with her skirts all messed up. I could smell that mild sweet perfume again as she helped me change back into my own clothes.

We agreed it was getting late enough, that I should go before we were discovered. As I walked through the door, turning back to take in one more beautiful view of this Blue Angel. I lost all reservation looking into her eyes and didn't notice until I felt her hands grasp mine, closing my hands around the red panties whispering "Why don't you take these with you. It was fun".

I never was totally sure what all happened, but I was sure it must have been fun for me too!

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