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Interesting images from The Era depicting part of the Little Rock, Arkansas desegregation scenario which unfolded in 1957.  Click for full images:

Ruby Bridges in 1960, as she  entered a white elementary
school  as the first Afro-American child, guards for her security; 
so sad that she needed them.



Research on below picture by Jim:

"The girl in this picture is Miss Dorothy 'Dot' Geraldine Counts. Ms. Counts was 15 years old when this picture was taken (1957).  The location was Charlotte, North Carolina. Here is a Wikipedia link about Ms. Counts
; and
here is another link
to an on-line article about 'where is she now'.

"The man walking to Ms. Counts left (her right in the picture) is her late father, Herman.

"Finally, here is a link which provides background about Ms. Counts, her family, her faith, what happened after the picture(s) were taken, and what became of some of the other people in the photographs. 
Quite a time but I'm happy to see Ms. Counts has done well."


"East Berlin shop, showing that things were not totally bad in the DDR. Buying the
pettis top right and left would have used up almost all of the compulsory minimum of 25 Ostmarks per day that tourists had to exchange crossing from the West."

From 'Captain Marno'      

Ken R.:
"From 1949, First Daughter Margaret Truman as a bridesmaid at a friend’s. NEA Reference stamp is dated March 19, 1956 which is probably when the reference library received it.
I’m going with 1949 date in caption." 

Jessie Belle:
Edgewater Beach Hotel, Chicago
"Many interesting 1940's photos in this link,
but of interest to The Pond are three FANTASTIC photos of a few showgirls in their outfits performing work duties at the hotel between shows (with particularly good shots of petticoats on grand display, since the photos are from the ground up!).  Sample at right.
-The first (5th photo down) is two gals working as typists (sitting on their fluffed pettis).
-The second (8th photo down) is three gals working as phone operators (fluffed pettis on high stools)
-The third (12th photo down) is a gal taking keys at a desk."

Celebrating the demise of the
Berlin Wall (1989) appropriately - with a petti!

Provided by  Dan from Denmark


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