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WONDERFUL WIVES (and girlfriends)!

Some enlargeable

Mike's wife, Joan (2000):
[email protected]

Karl K.'s wife, Val


(below) A little home photo shoot from Pete H. (enlargeable)


(above)  Gilbert's girlfriend - enlargeable


We love to see ladies
(especially the wives of those men who are appreciative) wearing the petticoats we are so fond of.  Here is an excellent example: Max's wife, Alice, has the look down to to TEE
 (but she is a bit shy).  Hopefully, this will encourage her further!

Max, you are one lucky guy!

Click to enlarge





Alex writes:

"I send you a photo of my woman, Susan. We like petticoats
and so we have many of them.  Only originals from the Fifties!
We decided to put some pictures in our new Yahoo group. You
can visit us at

Our E-Mail is [email protected].

 Petticoat Pond is really the best and we visit there many
times. Sorry, but my English is not so good. 
Greetings from






"My girlfriend Cari Ann at left - She was helping out at our friend's band, the Firelight Dimmers, working as their souvenir girl (like a cigarette girl, but no cigarettes). A couple of years ago she was featured in a Pettipond Update post posing in a petticoat with an antique globe. The singer of the band the Firelight Dimmers is also a fan of pettis
and I am sending along two pictures of her as well (below and right)."
Enlargeable            More singers who appreciate the object of our passion



Malcolm in the UK

"Last summer 2018), my wife started wearing 50's style flared skirts and dresses and purchased several modern flared petticoats to go with them  We also bought two genuine 50's petticoats on eBay which you may see her wearing in due course - lets hope"


Norm D. provides this 
'romantic' picture of his wife




"Here is a picture I came across the other day of my first love, circa  1957.  She wore the most wonderful petticoats, sometimes six at a time."



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