Jean L. proffers this
exciting scenario

Guess we'd all like to have been there...






A surreptitious picture from
'Lingerie Lover':

"I was riding the subway home (San Francisco) and saw this woman on the train.  I sat across from her and pretty much spent the whole ride staring at her petticoats. I don't know if she noticed me staring (I wanted her to!). I would have preferred to see her in fluffy chiffon petticoats but this multi-layered cotton petticoat was pretty seductive! I also loved that she purposely pulled her dress up so that the pettis would be in full view. Enjoy the picture..." -2009


Tessy received this "thank you" postcard in 2006 from a French girlie-ethusiast.






                           (above right) After the Prom


A 'candid' image from Iris P.
(from the Yahoo 'wind-blown skirt' group)

Originally from the Nordsee site



A couple of 'candids'
 from Ian




Above enlargeable

(BELOW) Thoughtful Elaine Flowers accompanied this happy image with, "Oh, if only to be born again!!!"
We think many of usPoufies would echo that sentiment, especially after seeing this scene - lucky girl!


This image struck us as portraying the
many-faceted nature of women -
they surely are most incredible!


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