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Jörg writes:

"Here is a collage (click picture) of
Zwischen Blauhemd und Petticoat, presented in the Schlossberg Museum, Chemnitz, Germany in 2003.

The images are not spectacular, but it was the first time I'd seen a petticoat in an exhibition.


This was an exhibition about fashion and lifestyle in Chemnitz (Karl-Marx-Stadt from 1953 through 1990), and the GDR (East Germany) of the fifties.  Blauhemd was the blue shirt-waist of the Free German Youth, the socialist youth organization.
The images are showing the official poster of the exhibition, a fashion magazine of the fifties including pattern sheet, a folded original children petticoat and a record player named Petti. In the GDR we had two petticoat eras: the first for adult women and girls began in the late fifties and ended in 1963, the second  was in the mid sixties, for girls only. The girls wore frothy nylon petticoats beneath pleated and checkered skirts.
(ED: Hmm...something good about communism?). To watch their bouncy movements was extremely exciting when the girls were walking or jumping on the street or in the classroom."

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