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Ian provides this luscious stage scene from a German production entitled Conny



An article about Broadway and the 50s,
this from Crybaby

This is a crop - click picture for full article





Janet writes:

"I thought that you might like this, which comes from the English National Opera's website advertising a production of Gilbert & Sullivan's The Gondoliers (which is on in London in March). It would appear that it is being done as if in the 1950's rather than the 1890's."




Elizabeth writes:

"The picture, from a local newspaper, is from a 2004 play in San Diego entitled I Love You - You're Perfect - Now Change.   The woman in this particular scene is singing 'Always a Bridesmaid, Never A Bride' and is wearing a bright pink satin bridesmaids dress (note the large bow on the bodice) with a very full petticoat sticking out all around.


All in all, a very nice picture!"




Poster-ad for a local production at the
Segerstrom Stage, in Orange County, California,
which closed March 30th, 2003.

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(below two) Camelot?

(below) Three images of an amateur production of Grease, courtesy Ian

(below) Nancy: "Pictures from my front row seat at the Louise Mandrell show in Pigeon Forge, TN in November 2005.  Wish I had a better camera. 
She has closed the show and moved back to Nashville."  


Patrick writes:

"I went to seeTristan and Yseult at the West Yorkshire Playhouse (England) last night (in November 2005). The two women were wearing well- petti'd skirts for most of the evening and there was plenty of dancing too! The only "decent" picture from their web site  was this one

They're still touring and it's well worth a visit, not only for the pettis but a super performance too.


Above, Patrick talks about his visit to see Tristan and Yseult at the West Yorkshire Playhouse (England) -- lots of petti-ed gals! Wendy has sent these pictures from this
British Theatre Company Kneehigh's production    CLICK TO ENLARGE AND/OR UNCROP

If anyPoufie would like to tell Tessy the story herein portrayed, she'd appreciate it...

Below are a couple of others from Crinolyn.  CLICK TO ENLARGE



Lamour Gwendoline, burlesque performer.

  A Walk in the Park

We encounter Miss Lamour taking a saunter in the park in her splendid walking dress, a ravishing duck egg blue confection with baby pink trimming, studded with thousands of hand placed Swarovski crystals, complete with matching parasol! She performs a playful strip tease out of her gorgeous gown and teases us with an enchanting parasol dance.




Den Nationale Scene (The National Venue of Theatre, in Bergen) is Norway's oldest permanent theatre with roots dating back to
Det Norske Theater founded in 1850 by the Norwegian violinist Ole Bull.  

Sugar   Hans og Grete


Misha writes:
"I am not sure how long this New York Times link will stay available. There is a slide show with some pictures from a Broadway production of The Pajama Game (female lead Kelli O'Hara). While there are no grand and glorious petticoat views, since the story is set in the 50s, there are some tasteful dresses and skirts with petticoats beneath, some of which are displayed in the audio slide show. I have attached four screen shots from the slide show."

Above images reproduced here for review purposes only. 
All copyrights honored and attributed to producers and the New York Times


An interesting snapshot from a performance of Le final du défilé


A lovely stage shot from Ian from what we presume is the Nutcracker Suite (Clara?).





"Here is a picture from an English production of
The Little Prince.  The actress is Jane Arnfield."




"Fun one. I wonder what the REST of this performance looks like! <lol>"





Sean K.:

"If you are in the mood for exposure of mid-Victorian pettis, try the Broadway production of Little Women on Youtube. The song
'Take A Chance On Me,' especially, has Jo whirl her skirt around quite a bit in some interesting ways. It just fascinates me how so
much could have been done in those dresses...sigh..."

'Take A Chance On Me Little Women' yields several videos with search



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