Petti Pictures


Elinor sends these delightful pictures of young "Jane Girls"
 (as they are known in Brit-land) -- some can be quite fetching in their pretty frocks:







Of interest to some:

Raising Boys As Girls: (Link is now dead) A FANTASY blog of a boy who wished his mother had raised him as a girl.

The author is "Kathryn Elizabeth" at [email protected]

She is probably posing as the author, but openly. Anyway, it doesn't matter, because her views and so forth are quite good. Left enlargeable 



"Here is a curious Brazilian TV soap.  (Link is now dead) One of the story lines involves a boy who has been brought up as a girl (for convoluted reasons
hardly worth explaining).  As a teenager he is beginning to realise that he is not like the other girls.  Someone has helpfully strung
together all his scenes in a series of YouTube videos. 

"In Part 2 we get a glimpse of petticoat around 3:44.  We can also see just how thorough the costume department was!  Apparently in
this scene the boy is describing a strange hot feeling down below."

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