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'Eve-ry-bo-dy's house should have a maid!'

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(above left) 1938 stocking model



PVC maids
From Kristi
Fetish area


One classy, understated maid

From Crinolyn


Stephen K. sends this
great maid picture:

Marilyn Yusuf is a very beautiful fetish model.


David R.: "There are some very nice photos of two
very feminine and frilly French maids at
this ('Skirts Up') site;  
you can flick through
the photos made available."


Rusty S.:

"Does anyone know who this is? Is it from a magazine?
I'd really like to get this in 8 x 10 or poster print."
Respond to [email protected]


Ed: The consensus is that the above most certainly was pulled from the French maid section of the Versatile Fashions Webpage.

Sources to purchase this maid's dress
are Clicket and Costume Craze

From John N.



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