Petticoats in Combination with Corsets

An inimitable duo!

Some enlargeable


(above) Annalai


                                                                                                (above right) fetish cage crinoline and corset

Another perfect marriage between corset and petticoat, with the
added delight of what appears possibly to be a Japanese wearer!

Courtesy Stephen K.

(BELOW) From The Grand Corset Ball, 2005

This 3 MByte vidclip, compliments Pete, is being featured on our sister site,,
but it certainly holds interests for us! 
One of the models is Claudia Schiffer - recorded in the early 90's.

(below) Dan from Denmark sent these pictures of his corseted friend,  but they are certainly of petticoat interest as well.  







(above left) 2009 JC Creations' corset offering picture   (right)  Michelle Rishara Cooper

Lacie, who appears frequently on our sister site, occasionally treats us with a corset/petti combo, such as this.




(above right) Zoe

(above center) Charlotte Church (right) Dita

(above left) ...a Fairy Gothmother creation  (right) Felicity Redman of The Two Sopranos - more information here

Here's something we do not see too often:

An original 'horsehair' crinoline
in a modern setting

Courtesy David M.


(below) A very impressive photograph by very talented Aprilla, provided by Sugarbarre


SR Designs often takes advantage of the
corset/petticoat combo look!




  This image (untypical, as the site really seems to feature slips) appeared on a site which used the term "jupon" in its URL (we cannot remember it).  However, there must be a relationship with who, in the past, has authorized The Pond to display some of its images.


While trying to sort this out, we found another interesting site,, which features bridal petticoats





"Trapped" by Atrophy Regression

Courtesy David M.



Pink Label Corsets makes petticoats -
you might want to visit them.








Pantera, from our
sister site, has sent a
winter-setting corset and petticoat set - here is a sample...

The other pictures can be seen on the LISA here


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