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BUNNY: Following are a couple of  my fantasy school uniform that my Mistress makes me wear sometimes for some extra training, and I find it very embarrassing, because I have to wear 1950s genuine English schoolgirl double interlock cotton knickers in cherry red, and at the end of my training sessions my bottom is usually as red as my Knickers. Also my Mistress has told me to include some up-skirt pictures of my knickers, as she thinks it is a shame to deprive the "Girls" out there a glimpse of what I wear when doing my Maid's Duties. At the bottom, I have also included a picture of my Mistress and myself at the 1999 Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I wore a short PVC dress and matching knickers,+ with seamed fishnet tights. I was wondering if anyPoufie out there viewing The Pond web site would would remember me and have any photos of me, because I spent most of the day posing with all sorts of people who wanted pictures of me and with them as well. If I had a dollar for every picture that was taken, I would be a rich English Maid, and have a Maid of my own to assist me in my duties.

TESSY:  Ah!  But you ARE a rich maid, for you have a wonderful Mistress who treats you so well!



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