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Hi, Iím Cosmo!

As a young boy in the late fifties, I was playing under the kitchen table and a friend of my cousin came to visit; she sat down at the table.  All I could see was 3 full pettis -  two white, and a red one in between. I have loved pettis ever since.

    I love all fashion that has petticoats, and have a few square dance dresses and French maid dress I wear with my short pettis. I also have a nice long green prom/brides maid dress to go with my long pettis. The massive heavy bridal pettis feel so nice and make that lovely rustling sound when you move.

   Some day I'll get some mid length pettis and dress for the Fifties look. By the way, when I got the chance after playing under the table that day, I put on my cousin's petticoats.  I did not know what that feeling was, but I enjoyed it. Knowing what that feeling is now is great!

 Any more Poufies in the Seattle area ?


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