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Endowed with Venus Envy

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It's not that I don't smile, it's just that I usually feel I look better in the shots where I wasn't putting on a smile when the camera shutter opened...

I like to be sweet and playful, seductive and naughty, but most of all I looove being a girl regardless of how I was born or preconditioned.
My wardrobe just keeps growing and growing -a new petti here, a new nightie there - a little skirt, a few tops, another leotard, another new petti...  I relish new ensembles and come up with sooo many combinations.  But I think I need my own personal photographer to pose me and shoot me before I remove what I've got and slip into the nex', because by the time I've shot myself, it seems that my wardrobe is much smaller... and that I have no shoes...!
If not for my girlfriend, I would feel less feminine.  I think a female that is confident in herself as an individual as well as confident as woman, appreciates the sensitivities of her lover, appreciates the proclivities of her trans lover -embraces their commonality -and when it came down to it, wouldn't have him and her any other way... I love when my girlfriend whispers into some boys' ear, "Would Crista like to come out and play?"  There's a tingle -a flutter, and a deeeep calm.  My insides change or something. I get to be born again.. I also get to wear her panties and raid her wardrobe -but she raids mine more often . ;-) 
Is it acknowledged how it's a great age for skirts and dresses with body and flare..?  Granted, it's not the wondrous age of the 50s, but there are so many flowery skirts flowing especially in this - the greatest city where I live. This peach skirt being one example of three same styles that I had my choice of at a local department store. One over-the- counter circle skirt, plus one brand new (or vintage) eBay-ordered crinoline equals one proud and complete Poufbunny... ;-) 

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