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  Hi, I'm Cyndie, and I'm one of those girls that just can't forget the wonderful petticoats from the 50's.  As a little boy, I loved to push the girls in the swings on the playground - there was not a better view on earth than a frilly lace petticoat.  I loved to get close to the Moms with their June Cleaver skirts and petticoats, too.

I've been cross dressing since childhood, and have always been fascinated with petticoats. I love the way they feel, and the movement they create as they swish when I walk.  I have recently discovered the wonderful world of thrift stores and the beautiful petticoats that can be found from time to time.

Now I wear my petticoats whenever I get a chance, and love seeing pictures of other petticoat lovers.  One of my favorite places to visit when dressed in my petticoats is the garden.  Here are a few pictures taken in the garden one spring morning when wearing one of my favorite petticoats.

If you enjoyed these photos, please visit my web page at 
http://www.geocities.com/cyndiecdresser/for more information and pictures.
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Cyndie D:

"Dollhouse Bettie has recently added a very nice vintage petticoat to her site. 
Here is
the link for the full slide show, and a photo."



Holidays, 2009

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