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Occasionally, we receive pictures from TS and CDers which are quite well done, but do not qualify as PoufBunny Pinup Parlor entries because they do not conform to the guidelines (see bottom of this page), or the subjects do not wish to participate in that way.  In the past, we have not posted these, but, upon consideration, have decided
to initiate this new section,
for single pictures as they come in.  Pictures are chosen primarily for their photographic appeal, and the decision as to which will be posted is entirely ours. Recently, we have added pictures of VERY credible female impersonators.

(above left) Celine Petitejean  Video  (right) Female impersonator Iris - Both enlargeable

(above) Jennifer Lopeck

(below)"...a clip from a re-run of a talent show. Great impersonation of Olivia Newton John



Elinor from Scotland sends this picture of Maureen, which she found on the Internet. Tessy rarely posts pictures of TG girls who are not pinups, but her
petti display is intriguing (and they appear to be under a pleated skirt)!

Maureen, if you are seeing this, perhaps you might want to consider becoming
a Poufbunny Pinup Parlor addition. Tessy would love to have you participate!



Daniela wears three huge petticoats: first a stiff rehearsal tutu,
secondly a very stiff and big white petticoat, and thirdly a black one


From a brochure: "Tiffany's Show is the first ever truly transvestite cabaret show in South East Asia. With over 28 years of stage experiences, the fame of
Tiffany's Show is undeniable and has become a recommended tourist destination of the successful growth of Thailand's most popular resort city, Pattaya City.
Nowadays, Tiffany's Show is a palace of decadence, spectacular elegance, and enjoyment not to be missed if you come to Pattaya City." 

These performers are called "lady boys."    Links:   #1    #2    #3



An AMAZING photo from Kristi!:

"The caption says this is a boy; evidently he’s doing something right.

 "Amazing how restrictive one might feel in such an un-restrictive dress (fear of ‘popping out’, exposing one’s self in such a short skirt, tripping on tiny thin high heels, etc.)"

This is a performer in Tiffany's Show


(below) Wedding pictures of T-girl Alexis, who took a husband in 2014, sent by Stephanie.  Congratulations!

(Courtesy Cosmopolitan)



Ian writes:

"A male Japanese slip/petti enthusiast.

"Maybe something quirky for The Pond?  I don't know. Not a bad picture if you can forget it's a bloke - nice little pettis."




Maybelle Diamante

Tina F. provides this sample from a very
 passable transmodel's page



Charles S. points out a VERY credible transgender woman who seems to enjoy FLUFFY petticoats.



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