June Flowers, proud, and a right to be!
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A number of years ago I was seeing a lady who worked days whilst I was working nights. When we had weekends off together I would go to her house on a Friday am and stay over till the Sunday. On the Friday morning I would go to bed and get up about lunch time to go do the weekend shopping. I used to borrow a night dress of hers to sleep in. I thought I was safe till one Friday morning she came home early from work as she was unwell. OOooops... I expected a huge explosion and bye bye "you."  I was stunned when she said, "Ah, I knew I wasn't as untidy as I thought. If you're going to borrow my underwear, leave the draw tidy."  What could I say ?? ...so I said nothing.  As was our custom, we would go walking on a Saturday after breakfast taking a packed lunch and come home in the evening and I would cook dinner.  At lunchtime we were sat on a grassy bank having lunch and we discussed my cross dressing; t he date was June 2nd. It was a glorious day, sunshine, nice countryside, hedgerow full of wild flowers. "Well," she said eventually, "We better find you a name."  What Could be Better: 'June Flowers'.
As an aside. The logo on my site (www.newblooms.org.uk) I have taken from another event on the same day... Later in the afternoon we had stopped for a breather and were sat on the edge of a wood. From the wood streamed a string of rabbits closely follow by a stoat (a hunting rodent). Amongst the stream of rabbits was one albino. Ah!!" she said, "Look an odd one out. A little like you." and rolled over with laughter.

The pictures here were taken at an event held annually in Manchester in the UK for transpersons from all over the country. It is a fantastic three day extravaganza of all things feminine. It gives transpeople, male and female an opportunity to be what we are for three or four days in a safe and friendly environment and to meet friends old and new.  

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