She loves to be smothered in pettis!

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 My name is Sandra and I have always been in love with full petticoats, sissy dresses and hoopskirts.

I am over 60 years old and can fondly remember the days in high school when the girls DID wear full skirts, and the prom dress was a very full hoopskirt formal. 

I have been dressing since I was a teenage, but the last few years I have been dressing more and more.  I have joined a local church, I go to IXE meetings in Indiana and Kentucky, and a special group in Bloomington, Indiana.  I have just joined the cross dresser square dance group, and now I am posting Sandra as a Poufbunny. 

I enjoy the feel and look of pettis, high heels, a good corset, a very frilly dress and sexy hairdos.  Enjoy the look and go out and be the girl you are! 

I enjoy square dancing and have danced as a girl doing the "girls" part.  If a square dance club is available to you in your area, please take lessons and wear the pettis and the beautiful dresses.  It's fun, healthy, and an very good experience with the petticoats.  Nothing beats a good spin and a chance to show off the lacy pettipants. 

I am happily married, for 20 years, to a wonderful woman who participates in these experiences.

Please contact me if you wish at  [email protected] 

Busy doin' homework now ... byebye!



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