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A Note from Sonia:

A little about myself.  I am a straight, married, secret cross dresser and have been dressing for over 40 years.  I have always loved slips and petticoats
and as much lace and frills as I can get. 

A year or so ago my dream of owning a chiffon petticoat came true in an amazing way - as part of my work I had to visit a burnt out warehouse used for a charity shop - everything was ruined but I found one bag that was intact and in it were 4 chiffon
petticoats!  They were about the only things not damaged so it must have been fate.

I unfortunately could not pass en-femme - at 6'1", a bit over weight and shoe size US14 I would stand out a bit but as I prefer wearing just lingerie maybe its
just as well I don't go out much!

My life has changed for the better recently having met a wonderful lady via the net who I have met and who enjoys my cross dressing.  We are just friends but kiss and cuddle and cuddling a woman when I am in my petticoats is bliss.

I have a Yahoo group that supports the nicer side of cross dressing at:






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