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 My name is Tammy

Iím in Sunny California, happily married to an almost understanding wife of twenty-five years. Iím 53 years old now.

I never grew up around Petticoats. I got started when I was about 10 years old. My sister had me put on one of Momís dresses to play house. Then tragedies struck. Mom passed away when I was thirteen. I thought those dressing up days were over.

Somehow in my high school years, I had a collection of skirts. When I went into the service, I had placed all those skirts in the trashcan. Those dress-up days were over, or so I thought. After my four years in the service, I got married. I never dressed up around her. We had three daughters. Over the years, I bought outfits for her - She says I have good taste. A few were Square Dance outfit with petticoats. Somehow, the old feelings were still there. When no one was home, I would go into the bedroom and slip into one of my wifeís outfits with petticoats. The feeling! Just one little problem! My wife is five feet tall and skinny. Iím six feet tall and large. I later collected a few outfits for myself and hid them away for out of town trips. It was great - what a lovely feeling.

Now my daughters are all grown up and on their own. Two of them know about Tammy and the third may know, but without knowing. I do remember being caught in a dress a few times by them. Nothing was ever said at that time.

Most of the time when Iím home, I gets to dress up in something. Here are a few outfits that I wear with petticoats. If youíd like to chat with me, my email address is [email protected]. Love to hear from you.


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