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From Vogue, 15 Aug 51

From Stephen K.




Dropped waists and box pleats were "in Vogue"!                                     

From Vogue, January, 1953

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A polonaise Era bridal gown from David M.
...with pleats, to boot

More special brides




1960 precious pleats

From BB Bloomer



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 These thiteen pictures are of one of our favorite Femme Splash ladies: Pandora, who loves those pleats! 







Pleated skirts,
buoyed by a myriad of petticoats, are a special look,
one which was most evident during The Era!

...from Seventeen, February, 1955 issue

As romantic as your first Spring love.  Delicate ruching rims the pretty scooped bodice...tiers its sunburst skirt of a thousand fine durable pleats.  And undercover,
its own crinoline petticoat!  Of silky Everglaze chambray, wonderfully washable. 
Choose heavenly tones of rosy pink, sky blue or angel aqua.  Sizes 9-11-13-15


(We don't see THAT kind of copy on advertising these days!)






We have always had a fondness for pettis under pleated skirts - this Bonnie Blair advertisement is a good example

From Subteen World November, 1960

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Era dance scene


Courtesy Abby Rhodes

More dance




A bit overexposed, but the important portion is clear! It's a very typical, beautiful memory - a pretty girl proud of her femininity and not afraid to show it with plenty of froufrou!

Thanks, Ian!





 These four pictures are of one of our favorite
Femme Splash ladies: Pandora.






Full-skirted pleats

(Lady Dior commercial shot)

From John N.





Attractive Era
 Dior pleats



A very impressive treatment!
Almost could be described as
over-sized pleats

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No petti, but very erotic, enticing pleats

From Kristi:

"This reminds me of a line from one of Robert Heinlein's books... 

"I forget which book it was, and who the description was about (either Maureen, Deety, or the twins?), it went something to the effect of: 'She was covered completely (by the dress/fabric), yet the image was more obscenely revealing than if she had been completely nude.'"

More erotica


Proud pleats

"Being an aficionado of pleated dresses, I came across J. Mendel in his 2012 and 2013 collections, worn
by Maria Sharapova, Taylor Swift and Emily Vancamp (regrettably, non-full).   Here is another example."



 Bob S.:  "Vidclip with nine-member Japanese cutie singer/performer group; matching white pleated miniskirt outfits, all with cute pettis (many colored
with matching frilly bloomers).  Over eight minutes of them, dancing and twirling; camera work improves to a degree after the start."


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