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Many of us may feel the same way as we, looking at this fetching picture:
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"Mommy has made Cissy wear girls' clothing since he was two, and the world knows nothing of the fact that he is genetically a male.
Now it is time for 'her' First Communion.  But first, a little pose before the dress goes on."
This girl's face could very well be construed as that of a little boy's, no? A little boy whose mother never cut his hair short.
He is thinking about what other little boys do, how they play rough, and how he, though, is stuck in this pretty slip that he cannot get dirty.  But, it DOES feel good about his thighs!  And his panties are so soft!
Any time we see a face on a girl or woman that COULD be male, she begins to ruminate like this.  
A very good example is in the Swedish film My Life as a Dog.

Crinolyn has discovered a GREAT site for Sissies, Jane Girls and Petticoat Punishment

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Of interest to some:

Raising Boys As Girls: (Link is now dead) A FANTASY blog of a boy who wished his mother had raised him as a girl.

The author is "Kathryn Elizabeth" at [email protected]

She is probably posing as the author, but openly. Anyway, it doesn't matter, because her views and so forth are quite good.


Aunt Claudette writes:

 "Here's something for your blog just in case your readers think petticoating a little boy is just so much fantasy that never really happens nowadays.

   "About thirty-five years ago, when I lived in a town in the east side of Massachusetts, I was in a Dunkin Donuts shop, sitting in a booth having my coffee.   Diagonally across from me two young
 women that I knew were talking.   One woman was telling the other about how she loved to dress her little ten year old boy like a girl.

    "'I bought him a page boy wig to wear with bangs on his forehead.  Once I put him in a pretty dress with a bouffant slip under it and some panties, he looks so cute,' said the boy's mother.

     "'It sounds like fun,' said the other woman, 'but you really shouldn't be doing that to him.'

      "'Oh, I know,' said the boy's mother. 'But you should see what a pretty little girl he looks like.   I put a bow on his hair and some lipstick on him too.   It's so much fun, and he likes it too.'

       "'How often do you do this?' asked her friend.

       "'Almost every night after we have supper,' she replied. 'Sometimes in the morning, and he stays in with me all day.   I first started doing it two years ago when he was eight years old. 
He looks forward to it now.'

        "Her friend warned her again about possible bad effects it might have on him later when he was older.

        "'I suppose you might be right,' said his mother. 'But it's hard to not want to do it.  He really does make such a cute little girl.'

         "Then they began to talk about other things and I saw them leave a few minutes later.

          "I never heard what happened to the boy later when he was older.  Perhaps he visits Petticoat Pond now?"



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