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An excellent petti-vantage of re-enactors enjoying a nineteenth century ball

Tendered by Misha     Photo by Draphsor

Bo Persson: "The photo is from the Victorian Dancing Week in Prague in 2005.
I know a few petticoat admirers here in Europe now; they all share my desire to find
places where to meet women dressed in big skirts. See this site, which contains access
 to about about 91 photos of the occasion."


Kristi came up with this gal in a nicely put-together costume

See her here from a different
perspective, fully arrayed.



Here is a delightful Civil War reenactment wedding

We don't think the gown was meant
to  be totally period-appropriate

From Kristi



Hoop skirt in the news with picture links (Remembrance in D.C. of two sailors who died on
 the iron-clad Monitor in the Civil War.)


Erstwhile re-enactress
'bosom buddies'

Just being flippant, you understand...

From Kristi



"Here is a link to a Polish costume site. The lady demonstrates 1860s stages of dress which may be of interest to corset and crinoline fans. Be sure to scroll down."

Krynolina 1862-1867


'Marie Antoinette Historic'
by Duchesse

From Crinolyn


Retro 'reenactment'

from Abby Rhodes      


Crinolyn points to these videos:

Cupcake dance!

1787 French court gown

Historical representations

Victorian re-enactress bustle shake

Re-enactress dancing in the sunshine in an 1860s dress



Bo Persson:

"Has anyone ever heard of any young woman dressing or impersonating Empress
 Elisabeth of Austria (Sissi)? I got to think of it today again when I found a photo
here of a young woman dressed as the Empress.""



BB Bloomer:

"Here is a lovely picture which I took with my own camera in the park of the Chateau de Versailles,
a few days ago!  I would call it :  'A midsummer night's dream'.  I don't know this lady <sigh> who
was probably attending a bal that night at the Orangerie of the castle!"



Victorian petticoat
and bustle

From Captain Marno



"How to Sit in a
Victorian Bustle Dress"

Sent by Ray

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