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Probably retro...but

From Rhino




Retro in classic 50s decor colors,
but too blatant a petticoat display

From Jean L.










Retro Deviant Art image

"Sexy Pinup Girl"
by Grafik Fashion







Nancy points to the
Retro" blog

Excerpt at left



Something delightful from the
Candy Anthony
Facebook pages

'Something to brighten up the streets of London
and more 'classy' than Petticoat Lane!'



An exciting stylized scenario







A retro ad
from the
Candy Anthony site



Lucy wanna-be

Visable petticoat edges are exciting, but we never saw her wear such on "I Love Lucy!"




Devils and Dolls, a nice German (what else?)
50s retro site.




'Lucy in Wonderland'







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