Petti Pictures

(Mostly unidentified designers)

Some enlargeable

(above) Ireland 1954

(above right) Galliano - enlargeable

(below) Four pretty Dior creations, from Crinolyn

(below) St. Martins, Fall 06 - enlargeable




A couple of tastes from

London Fashion Week 2010

From Crinolyn






Ken R.:

"As with the New York Fashion Week, the current (2010) London Week has fashion examples that run the gamut from beautiful to hideous. There are some lovely Pond examples, too numerous for The Pond updates; a Google search will fill the bill fine. The attached was in a New York Daily News
report on the current London show. Nice dress and model but what's with
the stockings? Awful."


Can be enlarged










A couple of Elie Saab
designer frocks
(Year unknown)


From Crinolyn


More designers




'Space Dress' [Modes for Urban Moods]
by designer Teresa Almeida


...from BB Bloomer


More designers



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