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Spanking Services seems to be the foremost site for this type of interest:

Shanelle is getting her just punishment from a
Spanking Services representative, making a house call


(below) From the "Sunday Dress" video at  -  exciting!
  The storyline is Liz is caught by her Aunty Joan messing her Sunday best dress - sent inside, she is taken over aunt's knee and spanked

(below) From the "RetroSpank" video at  -  delicious!


'Captain Marno': "From Spanking Services. The one in black & white looks like a picture of Yorkshire Disciplinarian, with the spankee wearing a vintage lace slip. The next one looks like it might be the lovely Liz,  Certainly, Alice must have been very naughty indeed and her drawers will offer her little protection. Elizabeth is still plying her trade in Maidenhead, west of London. The last is from the same forum but I do not know the source."


Peter M. has discovered a spanking site with
some  petticoat potential -- worth a visit?


Nostalgic spanking

Filename: "Spring Journey 1959
South Whitley HS"

From 'Captain Marno'



Spanking Services offers this appropriate video.


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