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A REALLY nice sundress,
perky and bell-shaped

From Kristi


Delicious sundress

Givenchy, 1956

From BB Bloomer

                    Designer area




"A still-grab from a video called
Honky Tonk Angels (probably
available on YouTube)."


Sundress from Nancy N.




From John N. 



 PondGirl Allison:

"When I was a young woman, one of the biggest joys of summer, for me, was the sundress. I loved wearing pretty sundresses.
So when I saw this dress I wanted it and I wanted my youth as well. But I knew I couldn't have either. :(  But I still love this dress."



Elaine Flowers:

School Dance ? <g>

Michelle: "These dresses can be bought at Vivien of Holloway.
The halterneck circle dress
comes in many sizes,  patterns, and colors."


Sundress by British designer John Cavanagh
in a 1950 photo by John French


Delicious Sweet Lolita in a sundress

From Jean L.




"By now many of you probably saw the clip from America's Got Talent about the flaming arrow stunt that went wrong. 
The guy's girlfriend had on a killer sundress with petticoats.   Here is the best version of it I've seen so far."




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