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(below) July 5, 1955 - The Lawrence Welk debut show

...from a copy of The Lawrence Welk Show Magazine from the 50's


This time she's doin' the
Bunny Hop --remember that?


Movin' Day!

 from a copy of The Lawrence Welk Show Magazine from the 50's


Unidentified dates
on the Lawrence Welk Show

Close-up of Miss Lon seated with the Lawrence Welk band
(Taken from a metal snack tray circa 1957)

Those were the days when you could be assured of a
pettiglimpse on TV at least once a night! <sigh>


Sylvia Marie:

"Poor Alice Lon. Years of showing poufbunnies-to-be the right
way to dress, and she gets canned for showing 'too much knee."

Joe A. (2012):

"A couple of years ago you posted a breathtaking video of Alice performing 'Singing in the Rain' on the Lawrence Welk Show.

"On YouTube somebody has just put up another version of the song she did. Unfortunately, the quality is not as good, but Alice is wearing a more bouffant dress,
with a much fuller cancan petticoat beneath. Again there is some heart-stopping displays of frilly net petticoats!"

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