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Every once in a while something hits us particularly strongly.  Such is the case of this teen who appeared on an episode of the 1950's quiz show You Bet Your Life, hosted by Groucho Marx.

This young girl's innocence, charm, simplicity and youth is only enhanced by her bouffant outfit, and take one away from the complexity of today's world, and back to the simpler 50s.

Pardon us for indulging herself, but some folks may share that same feeling of the lost fifties that this young lady evokes, when girls didn't know how charmingly feminine they were.  Sadly, this is now all lost.






Donna Dea:

"I just found this episode for an old You Bet Your Life  episode from 1960.  At about  9 minutes in, behold a gorgeous girl in a gorgeous dress with
pettis.  Especially check out the very end, where the elated girl, after winning a lot of money, leaps for joy, and we can see her beautiful white petti.
These scenes from the actual period are very difficult  to find!"

The beautiful actress wearing the gorgeous dress is named Marie Gomez.  She played the role of Chiquita in the movie The Professionals (1966), directed by Richard Brooks.  No doubt we all prefer to see her wearing such a beautiful bouffant dress than dressed like a cow-girl!!


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