Petti Pictures



A windy day at the beach  

From Malcolm in the UK


In the elements

From John N.

Water     High-waist


Take a trip on a windy day to the beach.  You may be surprised...
From Malcolm in the UK


No petti on the gal at left,
but her
expression is precious!
From Malcolm in the UK


Delightful images from
a site named 'Cherise'






Rhino: (also sent in by Jean L.)

"Apparently it was windy at Aintree...Aintree is a racecourse in Liverpool, England. This is their 'Grand National' meeting, an annual event. The big race is on Saturday. They say 'The Grand National' is the biggest steeplechase in the world; just one of many events in Britain that the British claim to be the best in the world."


Prevailing winds... in our favor

From Malcolm in the UK


Wind in their lives...

From Malcolm in the UK

Malcolm , might it it a good idea to walk near the Thames for a while?


For best effect, always wear a crinie on
top of your
hoop, especially on windy days!

Also hides the bones...

From John N.

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