featuring displays of petticoats and froufrou

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LILY ALLEN -- "Smile" YouTube video

B-52s -- "Song for a Future Generation"  YouTube video

BASEMENT JAXX -- "Take Me Home to Your House"  Stills: #1   #2   #3    YouTube video

SOPHIE ELLIS BAXTER -- "Take Me Home"  YouTube video

THE BEATLES -- "Your Mother Should Know" -- From the movie Magical Mystery Tour -- This is probably one of the best of the lot--many young women in 50s-style bouffant dance dresses swishing them back and forth (You never want them to stop). Highly recommended!
YouTube video

BRENDA LEE -- "All Alone Am I"   YouTube video

DAVID BRYNE --  "Make Believe Mamba" -- A couple scenes of ladies twirling (and showing their petticoats).

BURN THE FLOOR -- A group of professional ballroom dancers, producing a dancing sensation! (The producer is no one less than Elton John). A great part of the video goes back to the fifties, so there are a lot of petticoats to enjoy. It on DVD (# 059 9962. 27), but is is also available on video. Here is a still excerpt.

MARIAH CAREY -- "Touch My Body"  Stream   "We Belong Together"

THE CHALETS -- "Feel the Machine"  Examples #1  #2

THE CHEETAH GIRLS -- "Cinderella"

WANG CHUNG -- "Dance Hall Days"       Video

THE COVER GIRLS -- "Show Me"          Video

THE DIVINE COMEDY -- "Frog Princess" 

DOLLY ROCKERS -- "Je Suis Une Dolly"    Video

PLACIDO DOMINGO -- "Guantaramera"

HILARY DUFF -- "Reach Out"  Stream

ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA -- "Rock 'n Roll is King"

GLORIA ESTEFAN -- "Rhythm is Gonna Get You"    Stream

DONALD FAGEN -- "New Frontier" -- Watch the 50s-dressed girl climb down the raid shelter ladder! Also a little glimpse at the end. Stillclips

FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION (UK) / EDDIE READER -- Flouncing around in a fantastic 50's style petticoat 

PALOMA FAITH -- "Cold Stone Sober" -- LOTS of pettis on these one!  Video

FAST FOOD ROCKERS -- (Examples of titles unavailable) Stillclips

FLEETWOOD MAC -- "Seven Wonders"   Stream

NELLIE FURTADO -- (new one in 2001 - title unknown) -- Four dancers wearing mostly just hoopskirts

GARETH GATES -- "Stupid Mistake"  Collage

GIRLS ALOUD -- "Biology" Stream Stillclips & "See the Day" VidClip & "Can't Speak French" Stillclip

'Wildflower' has compiled an interesting  chopped up, slowed down and remixed video clip of the above video (7.2 MByte). 

GIRLS UP -- "Belle Amie"    Stream

SELENA GOMEZ -- "Naturally"    Slideshow

HAM SANDWICH (Niamh Farrell) -- "Click-Click Boom-Boom!!!"  Stream  

WHITNEY HOUSTON -- "I Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me" -- Full, puffy and bouncy tutu-like petticoat.       Collage  VidClip  

SARAH HUDSON -- "Girl on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" -- Sarah wears multiple petticoats: 1 yellow, 1 white, and another.     Stream

NATALIE IMBRUGLIA -- "Wild About It"    Stream

INDICA -- "Precious Dark"     Stream   "In Passing" (cage crinoline)     Stream

INFINITY -- "The Girl Next Door"  

IRON MAIDEN -- "Fear of the Dark"    Stream

MICHAEL JACKSON -- "Thriller" -- You're sure to be thrilled by the short petti-show.

ELTON JOHN -- "Mona Luisa Smile"     Still

KERLI -- "Walking on Air"  Stream

THE KINKS -- "Come Dancing"


KYLIE -- "Red Blooded Woman" Stillclips 

CINDY LAUPER -- "Girls Just Want to have Fun" -- 80s style froufrou without the dress

COURTNEY LOVE -- "Mono" Stillclips   Stream

STEVE MAC -- "Paddy's Revenge"   Stream

PAUL McCARTNEY --  "Ballroom Dancing"   Stream

KATIE MELUA -- "It's Only Pain"


MICHAEL NINN -- Diva series -- 4 in number, each with froufrou! Stillclips:  #1 #2

NON Ė LA RAI (CLAUDIA GERINI) -- "Peaches and Cream"  STREAM

THE OCEAN BLUE -- "Ballerina Out of Control"     STREAM

PANIC! AT THE DISCO - - "I Write Sins Not Tragedies"

PARAMORE - - "Brick By Boring Brick"    STREAM

TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS -- "Don't Come Round Here Any More" STREAM ALSO  "Freefalling" -- Around the pool!

LeANN RIMES -- "'Nothin 'Bout Love"   Stream

ROBYN -- "Handle Me"

MALA RODRIGUEZ -- "Manai"   -Spanish-

BUSTA RYMES -- "Gimme Some More"

SADE -- "No Ordinary Love"" -- A unique white petticoat worn as a wedding dress!

VERUCA SALT - "Volcano Girls"  Stream



Concerts of the above:

"Nina Gordon (in the skirt/slip) and Louise Post. They must have been absolute dolls (albeit with teeth) when they were growing up.  Yeah, I would have spoiled them rotten.  Somebody did - their concerts were always a riot to go to." 

Pictures here enlargeable   


THE SATURDAYS -- "I Cant Get Enough"    STREAM    Another

STACEY Q -- "We Connect" -- Froufrou without the dress--80s style!

GWEN STEFANI -- "Wind It Up" STREAM      ALSO "Harajuku Girls"  STREAM  Stillclip


STRAY CATS -- "Rock This Town" -- Nice fifties style crinoline dress

SUGABABES -- "Red Dress"    Stillclip

VERUCO SALT -- "Volcano Girls"      STREAM


TOTO -- "Rosanna" -- Flaming red skirt with white crinoline underneath shown to best advantage

JETHRO TULL -- "She Said She Was a Dancer"  STREAM

TURBO ANGELS (Various Slovakian) -- STREAM#1  STREAM#2  STREAM#3

SHANIA TWAIN -- "You've Got the Way"  

VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE -- "I Say Nothing" ALSO "I Walk the Earth"  STREAM

JODY WADLEY -- "Looking for Love" AND "Still a Thrill" (Black bustier and petticoat)

PAT WILSON -- "Bop Girl" STREAM -- Features a a bouffant wedding gown  ALSO "Strong Love"  STREAM

An unidentified contributor points out this [German] video from 1959.  We were unable
to locate any reference to the film on IMDb; Peter Kraus' filmology does not mention it,
so it appears to be a music video.  Frame at right belies content.

Wunderbar wie Du
(Wonderful as You)


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