featuring displays of petticoats and nineteenth century crinolines

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ARABELLA (1984 ) -- Ashley Putnam -- 1860s crinolines and pettticoats as well! Highly recommended by Janet! Click here for details.

LES CONTES d'HOFFMANN (1981) -- Lucianna Serra -- First act is one of the best!

LA BOHEME -- Claire Louise -- "Devine petticoats and wide skirts!"

LA TRAVIATA (1994) -- Angela Ghorghiu

LA TRAVIATA (1993) -- Edita Gruberova

LA TRAVIATA (1982) -- Teresa Stratus

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Details of "Arabella:"

Set in 1860s Vienna. Most of the petticoat display is from a character named Fiakermilli, who wears knee-length skirts, and, amongst other things, dances on a table. This all happens in the second act, from about half-way through. But it is a wonderful, long-lasting display, not just a momentary glimpse. Otherwise the dresses of Arabella and her mum, Adelaide, are fantastic. The sister, Zdenka, dresses as a man, though not very obviously. The video listed has Ashley Putnam in the lead role of Arabella. It dates from 1984 (Glyndebourne Production), and seems to be the only version that is available on video, at least in the U.K.. If anyone knows of another version, please let us know.