A picture and text contribution by Kim, bless her!

Here are the original two pictures:

Kim added the following text and pictures under it (Nice stuff!):

"The long crinoline is made up of six individual crinolines I had made special from several petticoat manufacturers. Each one has anywhere from 150 to 300 yards of material. Each one is progressivly longer than the one below in order to make the whole lot be the same length. There is no hoop underneath, just masses of ruffles which make it very difficult to move around especially through doors and such. I wore all of this to a costume party once and had to be loaded into the back of a station wagon. I went as a Southern Belle and my wife went as the maid. We won a $150.00 prize."

We decided to make this one full-size, because it really shows the crinoline in all its glory! (more below)


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