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A few words about herself:

I'm a girl that just never grew up. I love the 'Little Girl'
look and most of my wardrobe is oriented to that style. At
a very young age I fell in love with the girls and the styles
of the early sixties. I continue to enjoy that image and will
purchase and wear any items that reflect that style.

Having to exist in the outside world I usually wear rather
socially acceptable clothes for evenings out. This attire
usually consists of a smart looking suit jacket with
matching short skirt and a deep cut fancy blouse.
Complementary items include: high heels, sexy stockings,
and a complete set of frilly underpinnings that any girl
would be proud to be caught in. Other accessories
include: a matching purse, moderate jewelry, long dangly
pearl earrings, and a hair clip or bow to hint at that young
girl image.

Evenings indoors, at home, or with a close friend, are very
different. Nothing is more fun than dressing in fantasy wear. It
is important to share time with someone who will accept you
for the way you want to be, and not the way they want you to be.

For me, the fantasy is that 'Little Girl' image. I usually dress in
fancy fluffy frilly outfits. Party girl dresses, Communion dresses,
frilly puffy maid outfits, full circle dresses, flower girl dresses, or
even a shortened square dance dress. All of these outfits are
usually made of a rather sheer nylon material that feels soft and
sexy. This fabric is also very revealing. Any of these short
dresses are great at showing off my very long legs. I also add
rather mature "I'm ready to do what you want" makeup, sexy
shoes, seamed stockings, long ribbons, fancy bows, and other
trimmings. Any man who ever looked at a young girl could only have had this
image in mind.

Write to me Audrie Dove - [email protected]


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