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My date likes me petticoated. So I was waiting and when the apartment bell rang, I called to come in, and this is how I was waiting. Too much? Well, yea, but like it's so cool to feel all that hair when you can also feel all those skirts. I mean like everything is so swirly and swishy and every little move explodes a kazillion percent. You know what I'm saying?

So I left a little camera by the door so that this picture could be taken and we could share it. I gave my date one later and I'm going to put another one up on my new website (soon).  But I want to tell you something about how I feel in a cloud of crinolines.

Available, that's how I feel. I mean you sit down and they fluff up and my legs are all in front of whoever is in front of me. And since I have to keep fussing with them, well it calls all kinds of attention to them, and it's a rush when I get looked over like I get when I have to keep fooling with my skirts.

And when they're bright colors, that makes me even more obvious. When you wear this many of these things you are always on stage. And that is so hot. And when you are outside and wind whips them up and you have to hold them down with both hands, it is also kind of naughty. So I try to wear petticoats on windy days. I even look for the weather reports to figure out when I can wear this outfit. And if I have a day date on a breezy spring or summer day, it is so exciting watching as my date tries not to peer at what the wind exposes on me.

Flirting is fun. And you can really flirt in petticoats. Problem is they are kind of out of style so I have to find the right date. But a lot of them don't realize that they are out of style, so it's only awkward when we are around girls who look at me funny. But that's fun too.

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