Selena Anne


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I am a dedicated transvestite, I suppose, meaning that I am committed to feminizing as often as possible (usually at least once a day), but I still have a boy side to me to balance things out, sort of. I love playing out a variety of femme personas, and am always exploring new ways (via my extensive wardrobe) to be a girl: little girl, pubescent girl and teenage girl are some of my favorites, and luckily I am slim enough to fit into size 16 1/2 girl size dresses and pettis (and occasionally, a size 14), as I come across such treasures once in a while at my local thrift stores (in northern California where I live). I love to be noticed and doted over and praised as often as possible, and though I have a shy aspect to my personality, I do enjoy showing off, as you can see by my picture...

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