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A few words from Jayne:

 I have been an avid admirer of the fabulous Petticoat Pond for quite a long time and felt it was time to pluck up the courage and make a contribution.

At about five years of age I became aware that I felt that I was a girl being imprisoned within and being forced to grow up inside a male body. When at age seven I was continually being caught dressing up in my sister's clothes I finally broke down and in floods of tears told my
parents that I desperately wanted to be a girl. This revelation was treated with ridicule and derision and I was told to pull my self together and act like the son and heir that they had both wanted so badly. This reaction was quite understandable in the early fifties I suppose, and from then on I made a determined and conscious effort to try to suppress my inner feelings, act out the role I had been given and just get on with life as best I could.

Throughout my teens I was always terribly envious of the very feminine fashions of the day, the pretty dresses and skirts, flared out with bouffant petticoats that girls were allowed to wear and I was not! Life seemed so unfair then.

Alas, now I am in a position to live in my chosen role, women's fashions have become so austere that sadly even the lace industry is in danger of going into terminal decline. They say that fashions always go round in circles and who knows, maybe the fabulous fifties will come around again. I'm hanging on to all my pettis just in case!

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