Dreamin' of her fanciful alter ego

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A few words from the Sugar Plum Fairy:

  I am a middle-aged heterosexual male who likes to wear feminine clothing, especially crinolines. I have done so since I was five years old.  

My job has me traveling a couple of times a month, lasting a couple of days per trip. This allows me the opportunity to "dress" up, as I cannot do so at home.  I know I am not the only one in this situation.

 Over the years, I have accumulated a modest wardrobe, initially related to square dancing. I am a rather large person so “off the rack” does not fit very well.  I have recently found a seamstress willing to make outfits for me. The pictured communion dress is her first attempt.  This dress requires two crinolines to get the full effect, which is just fine by me.  Her next project for me was a French Maid outfit, which has crinolines and sissy panties underneath to complete the outfit.  A fancy LG party dress is now in the works.

If you wish to drop me a line, my E-Mail address is
 [email protected]

As promised, I finally got my new ballet outfit that was made for me. I was so excited that I had to try it on at my seamstress's place. While I had it on she took some pictures for me. I couldn't resist posing by this dreamy
child's petticoat (below). Seeing the look in my eye, she offered to make me one in my size.


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