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A few words from Elizabeth!

Am enjoying bringing long-suppressed fantasies to reality. Especially enjoy dressing up as a lady square dancer!

Would enjoy exchanging e-mail, photographs, or posing with other similarly-minded adults (either gender).

[email protected]

2003 above


I did it!!! Yes, I finally did it!!! What did I do, you ask? On Saturday, July 26th (2002), dressed in all my finest, prettiest lady square dance apparel (with three ***VERY*** bouffant petticoats wonderfully, lovingly, happily, joyously, and fully flouncing under my skirt with every step), I joined in a local gay rights "Pride" parade and, all dressed up, happily enjoyed being out in front of what was estimated as approximately 105,000 cheering, smiling, waving on-lookers.

While I am not gay, I have found that persons who themselves live what is commonly known as "alternative lifestyles" are considerably more accepting of others who, to some degree or another, also (periodically) enjoy another side of their own lifestyle. So I was very welcomed by everyone whom I met. What I did was carry one side of the leading banner for the "Finest City Squares," the one and only local gay and lesbian square dance club. This parade, an annual event (this was, unless I am mistaken, it's 22nd year), was approximately 1.5 miles long and wound it's way through several neighborhoods the greater metropolitan area in which I reside. Until last year, I didn't even know the parade existed! Then, I caught just a snippet of the event on the local television 6 o'clock evening news. Right then and there, deep down, I somehow ***knew*** that someday I would be in that parade. For me, my personal "field of dreams" came true on a bright, clear, sunshiny, perfect weather day.

How many times (or how often) does a crossdresser get the opportunity to dress to the max, get out in front of over 105,000 people, and have every one of them smiling, waving, cheering and showing you their absolute appreciation and approval for what you are doing? I'll never regret what I did!!! I had a blast which kept me "high" for the entire weekend. I don't know if I'll ever have the opportunity to do that again. I told myself that the future is now and that if I didn't do this, I would probably never get the chance to do it again. So I went for it and, man oh man, what a grand, glorious, wonderful, fun, upbeat, happy, thrilling, never-to-be-forgotten, life-fulfilling fantasy-come-true good time it was! (Sorry to be so unclear about how I really feel about this!!!) :-)



(2007) "Is there any view more enjoyable for a petticoat aficionado than to see a GG wearing a frothy petticoat and playing with it at the same time? 
The answer is YES!!   ...when petticoat aficionados can see a whole dancing ensemble of GG's wearing fun, full,
and frothy petticoats while smiling, laughing and playing with their petticoats, all while dancing! 

YouTube has FIVE - count 'em - FIVE videos for our viewing pleasure and enjoyment!!
The Cadence Cloggers of St. Peters, Missouri, on August 19th, 2006:

Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On (1:10 length)  www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZnXoEqq8ng
(Note:  the first 4 seconds of this video are 'on its side,' but the videographer soon straightened up)

Hold Your Horses (00:23 length)  www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyGyDcngw7I

Homespun Love (1:10 length)  www.youtube.com/watch?v=L96gCkpThOc

Kerosene (00:42 length) www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGGBF8a5E34

Better Life (00:48 length)  www.youtube.com/watch?v=EapYlS-3AOw
 A dancing troupe of GG's in petticoats!  It doesn't get much better than this!!"

(2005) "One of the entries on the Update Page caught my eye and re-awakened some warm, incredible and exciting memories."

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