"Layer Upon Layer"



Does anyone else think that black underwear and /or stockings look revolting under white petticoats?

Suggested by Lou

4 Apr 11   Mardee Lousie Prynne
The contrast of black and white is eye catching and oh so seductive.  Black against black obscures details. Matching pastels work very well, too.  Really, try some variety & creativity even if it's just imagination.
02 Oct 09      Iris

"I am definitely for uniform color for all underwear, so OK white, black, pink, or even light blue, but everything of the same color, under. Other problem: do you approve the same color both for dress and petticoat and underwear? I don't like that at all, for a precise reason: everything looks like being part of the dress, if the color is uniform. While I like to see a difference: a petticoat should not be supposed to be a part of a visible dress."

02 Oct 09      Jeremy

I think that black stockings can look very attractive under a full white petticoat. I like the colour of underwear to be matching, but do the stockings count? I'm not sure that they do. I think the stockings can be black but all the other underwear could be matching white, red, black, or whatever, so long as NONE of it can be seen!  Let's see plenty of the petticoat but maintain the allure by keeping everything else out of sight."

02 Oct 09      SoTe

"I am not revolted by seeing black panties under white petticoats, but I would rather see white or pastel panties.  A much better combination of the colors of black and white would be white panties and black petticoat(s)."


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