"Layer Upon Layer"



Many petticoat aficionados own a great many petticoats, of all uses, types, lengths, fabrics, sewing constructions, etc.  
Is there such a thing as owning (or having) too many petticoats?

Suggested by Elizabeth

Ronna 5/26/16 

Too many (petticoats) is when you have them piled high and don't wear them. Sometimes it may be that a petti is too old and you have a more favorite
that is the same style. So why save the old one? Or maybe you caught the petti on something and ripped a layer loose. Do you cut the ripped part off and continue wearing it, or do you laboriously sew the ripped ruffle back on? Or simply replace the petti and donate the ripped one! So the bottom line is
having several very nice pettis of various lengths and fullness that you actually do wear! The rest can be donated so you have some sane condition of the closet! It is OK to save one or two old ones for making costumes, but when you have a dozen or so that you have not worn for a year then it is time to clear out some. Best to donate them to a charity so some less fortunate person can enjoy them! The difference between having a good collection and being a
petti hoarder is common sense!


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