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Making Love With Your Wife, or Making Love to a Petticoat

This topic is for petticoat aficionados who are married or in committed relationships, or have been formerly married or in committed relationships.  For the sake of brevity, the terms "marriage" and "wife" are used; as appropriate to your situation; please substitute your relationship.

In your marriage, during intimacy, does your wife ever wonder or complain that she doesn't know whether you are making love with her, or making love to a petticoat?

As an example, if your wife pulls on a petticoat and gets flirty, which leads to intimacy, either during or sometime afterwards does your wife ever muse as to whether you are making love with her, or making love to a petticoat?

 Suggested by Elizabeth

30 Mar 16     Michelle

"For me, as a CD influenced by petticoat dresses of The Era, I've had some 'conflicts' with a couple of relationships. One lady I was going steady with, I could never 'go all the way' unless she was wearing some kind of petticoat dress. Later it was beginning to bother her - I managed a couple times without her wearing such, but it was difficult.  In another relationship, she was OK with it.  At first it seemed strange as I wanted her to continue wearing a dress with a petticoat instead of most men, who simply want her to take it off as soon as getting into the bedroom.

"I think in general many of us have our quirks, perhaps the best is communication. But some women may be fine with it, others may find it too weird, it all depends. Like coming out about cross-dressing to a significant other, some are accepting, others are not."

28 Mar 16        Iris

"I, too, have been asked by my wife, in some way, whether I was interested in her petticoat rather than in her body. This caused some embarrassment to me.   It is not a problem because I feel that women enjoy our enthusiasm for pettis...  at least as long that they are wearing them.

"I had posted some memories of mine in an Italian website dedicated to slips; I might make a true translation." 

14 Mar 16      Elizabeth

"When my wife pondered out loud about whether I was making love with her or to the petticoat she had been wearing earlier in the day, I offered this in response:  Take your petticoat and, without wearing it, hang it up so that we can both plainly see it as we go about our day.  Watch the effect the petticoat has on me.  Then, some time later or the next day, put on that very same petticoat and watch what the effect you wearing the petticoat has on me.  Unless something radically changes, while you are wearing that petticoat I'll be keeping you from doing whatever it was that you had planned; I won't leave you alone; what all this attention may lead to is anyone's guess but my designs are on it being for our mutual enjoyment!  As for the petticoat just hanging there, all by itself?  Who cares!  It's the *woman* in the petticoat I'm making love with!"


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